Who we are

Austin Skyline

We believe that technologies can be used to create a better workplace. Since 1997, we have continually refined our products to allow users to gain access to the latest technologies and do more with less effort.

Our focus is to provide great software tools to our customers, by developing targeted, web based solutions for your industry. This focus on technology enables our customers to channel their efforts on what will make them most successful.

We're extremely proud of our software services, including ProcessorLink and BidForge, and would love the opportunity to demonstrate our products to your company.

Our executive team

Brian Donnellan


With 18 years experience in information technology, Brian formulates Fidelis' corporate strategy, fosters relationships across the food service industry and directs the team on product development. Brian is a Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Kansas and a Longhorn Scholar at the University of Texas where he received his Masters in Business Administration.

Shane Sewell


Shane has over two decades of expertise in technology and information services and is committed to optimizing processes, implementing high performance databases, designing enterprise application architectures, and enhancing user experience. His skills and experience ensure that Fidelis' infrastructure is able to support the demanding requirements of our applications.